About Us

Following the advice and encouragement of their late father, Canaan David Khoury (1926-2002), David and Nadim returned to their home village of Taybeh where the family began producing the first micro-brewed beer in the Middle East, Taybeh Beer (1994), named after the hometown.

"Taybeh," means delicious when referring to food or drink. When referring to people or places, "Taybeh" means "kind," or "good." After many years of making a famous beer, the Khourys have continued with the legacy of providing high quality beverages for locals and internationals alike as well as investing in Palestine and building the local economy by opening the Taybeh Winery (2013) and the Taybeh Golden Hotel (2015).

Their vision is to offer all visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of rural Palestine
and experience traditional Taybeh hospitality.